Quality care for your hearing

Hearing consultation

Full hearing consultation involving hearing testing, tympanometry and also discussion of options tailor-made to client. A copy of the results (by email or mail service) is issued to clients.

Ear Exam

Hearing aids

Fitting, programming and servicing of Interton and ReSound hearing aids. Hearing aid options are often discussed as part of a hearing consultation. Clients may then proceed with the purchase of a hearing aid.


Balance & Dizziness testing

Balance and dizziness testing, including vestibular rehabilitation and manoeuvres for treatment. Clients are also referred to appropriate follow up care with other professionals where necessary.

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Hearing protection

Universal and custom hearing protection for a variety of uses, including: industrial use, loud music, shooting and swimming. Custom hearing protection is tested for fit to ensure that hearing protection is of adequate quality.

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Ear wax removal

Ear wax removal using medical suction device to suck out ear wax. Micro suction is one of the safest and most comfortable methods of earwax removal.

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