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What is the procedure to purchasing a hearing aid?

Before considering a hearing aid, a hearing test is required. Hearing aid consultations start with a hearing test (unless a recently one has already been obtained elsewhere). Depending on the results of the hearing test, hearing aid options, prices, and in-clinic trials can be discussed. Having been given all the information, you are then free to decide whether to proceed with a hearing aid purchase.

What if I decide not to buy a hearing aid?

When attending a hearing aid consultation, there is no obligation to purchase a hearing aid. In this case, a charge for the hearing test applies. Should you decide to buy a hearing aid, the hearing test is free of charge.

If I decide to buy a hearing aid, what do I need to do?

Once you know what model you want to buy, a deposit is required to finalise the order. Unless the hearing aid is available in stock, this would need to be ordered. Orders take approximately 2-3 weeks to be effected upon which you shall be contacted to book another appointment for the hearing aid fitting. During this appointment, the outstanding balance will be settled in full.

Do I get a copy of my hearing test result?

Yes, you will be given a copy of your hearing test result. This can be given to you at a subsequent appointment or sent to you by email or post.

How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing aid prices vary depending on the brand as well as performance level. Basic budget hearing aids cost in the range of Euro 500 per hearing aid. Mid range hearing aids cost in the range of Euro 700-900 per hearing aid. A discount applies when buying a pair of hearing aids.

Whatever model or range of hearing aid, a hearing aid is a 6-10 year investment as long as it is well-care for.

What does hearing aid care consist of?

Hearing aids are medical devices used daily for the majority of the day. These need to be handled delicately, kept clean and require maintenance. Maintenance involves cleaning and drying of the device on a daily basis. Depending on the model, batteries may need to be changed or recharged.

In addition to these frequent tasks, some parts may need to be disassembled and cleaned or even replaced every few months.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments in cash, credit card (VISA or Mastercard), Revolut, BOV mobile, and cheque.

Can I apply for any financial support?

Yes, Agenzija Sapport offer financial support with hearing aid purchases for eligible applicants. We can help guide you through this process. Further information can be provided at your appointment.

Can I book on short notice and purchase a hearing aid in the first appointment?

We run a busy clinic with a limited number of slots, so there may occasionally be a waiting list in busy periods. 

Additionally, we normally need to order the hearing aid you choose since there are various options. In case of orders,  there is a waiting time of approximately 2-3 weeks before you can take your hearing aid with you. This is to ensure that you are always being given fresh stock, not hearing aids that have been on the shelf for months.

Do you offer hearing aid trials?

Normally a short demonstration in the clinic is enough to determine whether a hearing aid shall be of benefit to you or not.

Hearing aid trials which allow you to take a hearing aid home for a set amount of time are offered only in exceptional circumstances and are against payment. 

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